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What's your dream job? These companies want to help make it a reality. It's that time of the year — and it's a good one if you dream of getting into the travel industry. But don't delay: They won't be around for long. And keep checking back: I'll be adding more opportunities to the list.

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Your dream travel job is closer than you think. The brand is looking for beautiful imagery, personality and clever captions. With this dream job from HushHush, you'll be product testing fancy cars and more. A view of the harbor in Gothenburg, Sweden, where a job will pay you to do almost nothing. In addition, the job will include in-studio recording and covering new real estate listings. You can find a link to the job site here. Dave and Deb from The Planet D. Wait that is only 20 destinations! We saved the last 5 for your suggestions, send them by email or add them in the comments.

Be sure to include a link to your article about the destination!

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We will pick the final 5 from December th. Wishing us all great travel and ideally some travel destinations as holiday gifts!

Note: the 25 destinations have now been picked but add your suggestions in the comments, seems like we need a part 2 to include more dream destinations! These naturally beautiful islands have intrigued us. Bonus points for how few people are on these islands, we love quiet places in nature! We fell in love with the epic photos of the second highest highway in the world that travels into Tajkistan also.

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Normally we only get views that incredible from challenging hikes. Kirsty and Mark of Kathmandu and Beyond. Mountains, temples, monasteries and Buddhas, do you need more? Bhutan is on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, imagine the incredible hikes! Christian of Unusual Traveler. Island hopping, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach sounds heavenly to me! Check out the turquoise waters and limestone rock formations. Anita of The Sane Traveler.

Most people think Paris when you say France but we think the beautiful mountains and wildlife of the French Pyrenees. Endless adventure activities in every season make it a perfect place to roar loud! Penny of Adventure Creators. I have been to some of these places, I want to go to others, and others I want to go to are not listed. Heck, it is a yuuuuuge world. I hear you- it is hard to narrow down to 25 and the list keeps changing and getting longer! Thanks for your suggestions!! Awesome list! I did 2 great hikes in Ireland short ones but with amazing views.

Newfoundland is a lot like Ireland, I was surprised and happy my home made the list. Funny you are tired of icebergs and many of us have never seen them! Why not? Also, Prague is lovely for a city adventure, and there are plenty of places to go that has a wow-factor! Hi Catherine, Norway should most definitely be on our list. Hard call on if Switzerland due to my love of Swiss chocolate will win out over it:. Some great places on this list! I would like to suggest Bagan in Myanmar. Pretty much all on my list too! Sent you a couple of suggestions via email.

Thank you Hugo, I just saw your suggestions. I see you are fans of Africa but no destinations on the continent? May I suggest Senegal? We did love Tanzania. Thank you! Great list! Dubrovnik in Croatia is a dream destination. Great ideas and it makes me happy to think that I have been to several of them already! Newfoundland and Kyrgyzstan were two unique ones that I will have to look into! Glad you liked the list! We tried to have a mix of places many people visit and the lesser known.


The first thing I learned is: Everybody flies. Consider the surly taxi driver I met in Ukraine who, when asked what he dreamed of at night. If You Dream of Traveling the World, Here Are Some Words for You. If you're already going around places, try minimizing your spending.

We love it all! Great list with many beautiful countries. I have visited some of them and I confirm that Iceland, Kyrgyzstan and Peru are really beautiful. And you should add Lofoten islands Norway to the list. Two more are destinations on my list for this year already planning Greece and Jordan. Glad to know there are people with such similar tastes. I like that so many people have other gorgeous places in mind too. So hard to narrow it down!

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Bhutan is at the top of my bucket list! Haylee recently posted… The 16 best travel destinations I visited in Spectacular scenery, incredible history, brilliant sailing, and fabulous people. I love it more each day! It was a dream list not by country more by how we would do a trip.

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Have a Happy New Year! Your readers were correct to point out Iceland; as a lover of the outdoors, you will be in heaven. I would also consider adding Greenland to any trip to Iceland but go during the summertime, as transportation around the island is incredibly difficult during the winter months. Thank you for the suggestion, I am considering a part 2 as there are so many more I want to add:. You should!

Latin America (Weeks 1-7)

Alaska is truly amazing, from the fjords to the tundra. These all look amazing! Well done with 10! There will always be somewhere great to explore. Happy travels! Pretty cool list! We have been to 9 of them and should add 3 more this year. This is a truly unbeatable collaboration!

Excellent list. Peru is amazing, and highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to go. When on the road, make more effort to get to know people. Then, you realized that you never needed them at all.