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Content is king. If you create great content you will generate followers. There is no right or wrong answer here. If you feel it is rude not to follow someone back then follow them. Most marketers that have huge followings, generally follow equal or less than their following count. NaijaBamBam I do not think so, I only follow people I know personally but if its followers for my business account - - I follow everybody.

You don't have to. One of the things you can do with Twitter in particular is add people to lists rather than follow them back. You'll still see their posts and still be able to engage with them. The only issue you'll have is with DM'ing them so follow them if you need to take a discussion private. Being on a list gives people social capital in a slightly different way than following them, and it's still good. I'm on tons of lists I stopped counting at 50 and in particular I think it's great for an endorsement of expertise.

Being on someone's Twitter list is hardly second-class. Same thing with following them on FB rather than friending them. Other platforms differ, but on Twitter in particular, being on lists can be better. I had this same doubt in the past. In order to determine who you should follow on amongst the people who follow you, first you need to determine your goals for your activity. For example, if you're using social media just for fun, then it's up to you to choose who you want to follow. However, if you're using social media for marketing purposes or to build your online reputation and presence, then you need to think a bit more closely about who you want to follow in reciprocation for following you.

We just choose to follow who really matters to our business. Our conclusion is that if the person is following you is because she wants to follow you, then you do not have to follow back because she will continue to follow you anyway.

get link You want your followers to come to you, not vice versa. Indeed, some people do follow other people and then unfollow them, once they see that you've followed them back, but you can keep track of these. For example, for Instagram, there is an Instafollow app, which can help you gain some insights to your Instagram account, like how many followers you have, how many people you've followed, who unfollowed you and so on.

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Hope it helped :. Hi Cynthia, There are several factors that should be considered before hitting the 'follow' button on Twitter, once someone follows you. For starters, check the bio: is there any commonality in your quest for subjects that interest you? As a thumb rule, it is considered social media etiquette to follow someone back immediately, however, with time I have realized that it is preferred to wait for a couple of days before following someone back - if they intend to follow you for a short duration, just to gain a follow back, they might leave instantly.

In case of any confusion, adding to lists can also come handy. Another factor that may be considered is: scan through the timeline of your new follower and check the frequency of tweets that are being sent out; if you feel that your timeline show up useful information, and you see it of value, make sure to follow back irrespective of whether they decide to unfollow or not.

Final word: Twitter is an exciting platform wherein one stands to gain followers by sharing content over time, however gaining organic followers is the name of the game. I think you have to be very careful about who you choose to follow. Unless you are going to vet the people and companies beforehand, I personally would tread lightly.

As I am sure you have already found out, you are bound to get people that like and follow your social media pages purely for the purpose of trying to get you to return the favour and follow them. If you are following and liking people just to be nice, you could end up following pages that could be a bad and negative association for your business, such as racist organisations for example.

I think the answer has to remain consistent with what you industry is and what your business is about, its important to stay consistent to your theme and topics and follow others that you want to advertise to but those that share the same interests etc. If you have someone follow you that is trying to sell you something such as marketing and advertisement, its likely they are doing so to try and sell you their services, if you follow too many of these people you run the risk of sharing your community with unrelated items you are not interested in and then that becomes counter productive.

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I would advise to regularly check your followers on a daily basis and always remember that following everyone that follows you is not always the answer. Claire Warrington claire marcetme.

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Well, i will recommend you to follow those persons, who are related with your profession, your interest and also where you feel safe. Just go through their profile before following them. Its not necessary to follow everyone, sometimes it could be harmful in terms of cyber crimes. But it's not necessary to follow everyone who follows you because we have also keep in mind that we build relationships with a purpose on social media. Increasing the number of followers you have on selected social media channels is surely not a goal in itself Cynthia, as it has no apparent purpose.

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Social media etiquette is only relevant when there is a purpose and genuine goal behind the tactic of attracting additional followers. There must one would hope be a purpose behind your stated desire, your ultimate goal alone will determine who and why a reciprocal follow back is warranted or beneficial.

I find the answer something that should be unique and personal.


Don't follow me by 2L8, released 14 October When we were young, we forgot to share, to see, to blossom And now we are tired, tired of this and that and . Oct 30, Don't Follow Me Lyrics: You can follow the wind / Follow your skin / Follow a tree / That follows the sea / Follow the stars / Follow who you are.

DO what you find best and discover brings you more traffic. Depending on industries, there are so many different ways to approach followers. Some account became popular and other just 'exquisite' but it also depends on marketing plans and ideas that are align with what you have in mind. In my case, I run 3 twitter accounts for a couple of small business ideas that I am testing.

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In each one I approached differently and the responses are very interesting. Based on your followers and ways of communication you can get to target a really interesting and potential network - and not just wasting your time retwitting other people messages.

Do as you find best, measure monthly, delete and try again as many time you find your best approach. No - do not follow everyone back. The answer may be obvious but you'll be surprised how your social ethics will make you do the wrong thing. Here's the thing Cynthia - As a whole, we are a very narcissistic species.

Ronaldo: I don’t follow the records, the records follow me

We, even while saying otherwise, compare ourselves to those we are connected with, come across, or see. Those who are looking at your social profiles are comparing you to them. If you have a high number of followers but not following many back, what does that make people think? If you simply follow everyone who follows you, you are just like everyone else.

Just another cow in the field as it were. To attract the attention of higher profile people, being selective in your following and not following everyone will start to land you more and more influential followers.

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Those influential followers are your key to a much larger audience than you will create yourself. Here's a scenario: You notice that John Q begins following you. He is a motivational speaker for business owners - your target market. You do your research and see that John Q is big on small business stats and also big on info graphics. So - you come up with a great infographic idea, use some talent from Fiverr or Freelancer to put your data into a beautiful infographic and then you write John Q a message that goes like this: "Hey John - I saw you followed me recently, thanks!

I wanted to check out what you are offering the world so I went to your website and saw that you and I share a common interest - helping small businesses grow. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This.

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