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The majority of Spaniards who went to Mexico were from the middle classes: teachers, lawyers and other professionals, along with politicians and intellectuals, most of whom did take up residence in the capital. Estimates put the number of Spaniards who left for Mexico after the war at between 20, and 24, But many also ended up in French prison camps.

People were dropping like flies.

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Men aged between 20 and 48 were required to work for the French military authorities, and around 55, were enrolled into various organizations, including the French Foreign Legion. When the Germans invaded in the summer of and France capitulated, many Spaniards became prisoners of war and were sent to Germany to work, says Alted. But by , Spaniards were being sent from French prison camps to German concentration camps such as Mauthausen , in Austria, as British historian Paul Preston writes in his book The Spanish Holocaust.

They believed they were being taken to the French-run part of France.

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The arrangement of the work is intended to facilitate reference as far as this can be effected with material of so heterogeneous a character. The lights went out. Put these letters in the mail box. I want an enlargement of this photograph. By the s trips to Spain were the predominant business of the European tour operators, [16] and the Costa del Sol continued to increase in popularity through the decade.

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