Mating Season of the Dragons 2

Bearded dragon mating behaviour
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The females, by now completely bare, take a dip into a swamp infested with "giant hook worms" or badly mutated leeches with claws, the ideas is to glue the couple tightly while they engage in a heated exercises mid air. Bite wounds quickly heal and the secretion, which is actually a kind of mild neuro toxic, prevents blood clots and also works the heart muscles.

The increased blood flow allows the laden dragon to stay in the air longer.

However, there's a mystery that still puzzles researchers especially me and probably Darwin too The mystery is why did the dragons choose to perform sexual intercourse at heights? I mean come on with the extra weight and fire thingy evolution can get too excited in a deadly way.

By the way I already named this mating ritual, it's called Red Summer Rain!

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Mating in the air reduces the vulnerability that ground-mating involves. Less predators can reach flying dragons, so they can get done what they need with as much time as they need, and with more accuracy. Compare this to humans, who experience frequent infertility because, predisposed conditions aside, it can be difficult for our fluids to reach the right places. Hundreds of species in the animal kingdom use mating rituals, which can include elaborate dances, to choose partners. Bigger, better rituals prove to females that males are fit to reproduce, so it can be argued that grandiose dances are best for survival.

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If the male dragons with complex, elaborate, grand dances survive to reproduce, and some genetic factor or learned behavior dictates what these dances will contain, then dances will evolve to be bigger and better over generations. Eventually, they may utilize the dragons' ability to produce fire , which is visually stimulating and proves the ability to hunt and defend oneself, and flight , which proves fitness to survive, and is also more visually stimulating than ground-based dances because it allows free movement.

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Soon in the evolutionary sense , elaborate twists and coils, rapid spirals, and stunning patterns with jets of flame in between will dominate the breeding grounds, pressuring even more eccentric behaviors to develop. The system could have evolved in order to prevent any large rise in the dragon population.

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This much effort involved in mating means that dragons probably do not mate regularly this system could resolve to pacifically create such a situation, perhaps in response to lack of resources needed to maintain a large Dragon population. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to explain fire-breathing feathery dragon extreme mating behavior?

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Her dragons mate in the air. Other feedback Females don't need to lose their feathers.

Bearded dragon mating

It means the males have to do more work, making them heavier So far, Daenerys has been pretty careless with her children , who also happen to be the most powerful weapon in Westeros. And Rhaegal was killed when Daenerys somehow didn't see the massive fleet of ships approaching her. That leaves her with only Drogon, her favorite dragon, who is vulnerable to Cersei's big ass crossbows. But what if Drogon is not the last dragon left in the world?

According to one fan theory that has been passed around the internet over the years, "in the fifth season, when Drogon spends almost a whole season gone, he's actually laying eggs and is in fact a female. The theory has been brought back this week because of one thing fans caught in the promo for Episode Five. As one Redditor explained , "Euron Greyjoy looks up at the sky and hears a roar and gets scared.

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They are protected within the Komodo National Park. Fire likely won't work to hold these dragons up. Shop now. Follow us on Mailing list. In essence my question regards the following things: Territorial behaviour Breeding behaviour Territorial Dragons are from what I read or can be quite territorial. However, like many other large reptiles e.

Since he has seen the dragons for a long time he wouldn't be scared for just a dragon, but what if theres more dragons? Now, this sounds insane since Drogon is a male, but George R. Martin's books have made very clear the complicated nature of dragon sex and reproduction.