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"The Brain, within its Groove, Runs evenly - and true - But let a Splinter swerve ()" This line by Emily Dickinson gives the title to this horrid tale about madness, lust, and the dangers of exploring our darkest memories. Editorial Reviews. Review. "..) a fantastically deep story where every page is rich with imagery The Brain within its Groove: A Novella by [Nino, L. N.].

By Mr Robin Fisher [aqH. Hunley [ATJ.

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The Pathfinder adventure module Wake Of The Watchers features a "brain archive" containing several of these. I dreamed those dreams. CD: I had a great high school teacher that forced us to examine song lyrics as poetry, as art. You hope your reader feels moved and happy that they read the book. It was very dramatic. Just a quick tight squeeze and a good-job-today-see-you-tomorrow. As you know, writing is hard.

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