The Last Human Face: Franz Stock, A Priest in Hitlers Army

ISBN 13: 9781450590129
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Today, of the thousands of buffalo on the plains, many have distant relatives in the Bronx; the force behind the reintroduction was the American Bison Society, of which Grant was a principal member. But, like a character in a comic book who harbors an inner arch-villain with a plan to destroy the universe, Grant had another side. Just as he feared that certain species of native wildlife would go extinct, he feared that the same would happen to a precious and largely imaginary kind of white person.

The commission bought up property along the river valley and created a landscaped autoroute leading to the headwaters in Westchester County.

When W. E. B. Du Bois Made a Laughingstock of a White Supremacist

The project became a model for other parkways in the city and beyond. There is no memorial devoted to Grant anywhere along the parkway; nor are there any public monuments to Grant at the zoo. To summarize: according to Grant, all of Western civilization was created by a race of tall, blond, warlike people who ventured down from Northern Europe every so often to help start great cultures, such as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, before retiring into their northern forests.

Among the stars he claimed for the team, Leonardo da Vinci , Michelangelo , and Dante all clearly possessed Nordic blood, as he had determined by careful study of the shapes of their heads in busts. Grant himself never married.

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And what was the special attribute the Nordics possessed that made them so unique and sacred? Grant often popped up in the news. He had a bald head, white sideburns, and a mustache that spread widely on either side of his face. The social pages followed his comings and goings, when he summered in Bar Harbor and wintered in Boca Raton. New York society either did not know what he had written and said, and done or did not care, or it agreed with him.

He died in Soon the war put his love of the Nazis in a new light, and years of almost no public mention followed. But, as dependable old hatreds are rising up again, Grant has become more current. At the same time that Scribner published Hemingway and Fitzgerald, it was the leading purveyor of white-supremacist books in America. The Forum Council did not oversell its claim. Later, Stoddard, Sr. You can almost, but not really, feel sorry for the father-deprived young writer who found a hero in the wealthy older racist. Stoddard grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts, attended Harvard like Stoddards before him, and got a Ph. In the course of thirty-six years, he wrote at least eighteen books and countless magazine and newspaper articles. He always had to hustle.

Basically, he was a freelance writer.

Who Fooled Whom?

In it, he discovered what would become his most successful writing strategies: scaring the reader with the spectre of race war, and scaring the Nordic reader with the prospect of losing a race war, as Stoddard interpreted what had happened to the Frenchmen in San Domingo Haiti. For Stoddard, the pivotal event of recent history was the Russo-Japanese War. Grant wrote the introduction.

The book was an instant hit. Reviewers noticed it favorably. Franz Boas , the anthropologist, panned it, but the Times wrote an approving editorial:. Lothrop Stoddard evokes a new peril, that of an eventual submersion beneath vast waves of yellow men, brown men, black men and red men, whom the Nordics have hitherto dominated.

Hitler et Staline La diagonale de la haine documentaire - Documentaire

Harding added:. Whoever will take the time to read and ponder Mr. Stoddard, in the fog of his apocalyptic musings, made some predictions.

Adolf Hitler

He said that Japan was going to expand its influence in the Pacific and get into conflict with the United States, that the brown people of India would throw the British out, and that the Islamic world would grow militant and begin hostilities against the West. Whatever his philosophy and methods, his guesses sometimes proved out. The new individual consists, from the start, of two sorts of plasm.

Almost the whole of him is body -plasm—the ever-multiplying cells which differentiate into the organs of the body. But he also contains germ -plasm.

A Journalist on How Anti-Immigrant Fervor Built in the Early Twentieth Century

But how is she to come through these youthful years without damaging her spirit? The form follows the model established by Saxony, simply excluding Jews from certain professions. The third demonstration was described as follows in a teletype message from Gestapo Office Stuttgart to Gestapo Office Berlin:. This Jewish bolshevist annihilation of nations and its western European and American procurers can be met only in one way: by using every ounce of strength with the extreme fanaticism and stubborn steadfastness that merciful God gives to men in hard times for the defense of their own lives The List named union leaders who had been active in combatting National Socialism and who allegedly continued to carry on their resistance secretly.

At his very conception a tiny bit of the life stuff from which he springs is set aside, is carefully isolated from the body-plasm, and follows a course of development entirely its own. In fact, the germ-plasm is not really part of the individual; he is merely its bearer , destined to pass it on to other bearers of the life chain. This was the person whom Du Bois would debate, and try to prove that a black person could be the equal of.

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At the time of the debate, Du Bois had just turned sixty-one. Like Stoddard, he had a Ph. Despite being often on the road and under plenty of stress, he lived for thirty-four more years. He seems to have taken a kind of negative inspiration from Du Bois. But then Locke, recovering from an unhappy affair with Langston Hughes, went to Europe, and by September 23, , the day of the broadcast, he had not returned.

Du Bois agreed to fill in. The Forum Council organizers then suggested holding the debate again, before a paying crowd. Stoddard had to have known that the audience would be mostly black. Home-field advantage would be with Du Bois. Why did Stoddard agree? Like any author with books to sell, he probably thought he could use the publicity. He had denied being a member of the Ku Klux Klan but endorsed its tactics passionately in his books. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. But as Romania faded from memory, all Europeans became "Franks. A more recent study from the Allensbach Institute suggested that this had not changed over the past two years. In , a treaty was signed with Poland recognizing the Oder-Neisse line as East Germany's permanent eastern boundary. A drive to collectivize the remaining privately held farmland was started in In the same year, a 3-mi-wide 4.

Football fans gather together in pubs or at home to watch the games, often wearing scarves of their favourite teams The Auschwitz Kommandant: A download here The Auschwitz Kommandant: A Daughter's. As proven by all sorts of credit bubbles in EU and US. We have the resources and we also have capable unemployed people. Skip to content. The population of Germany in was estimated by the United Nations UN at 82,,, which placed it at number 14 in population among the nations of the world. This increased German exports, earning the country the money to repay the remaining debt.

This effectively meant that creditors had to restructure their economies as well — by importing ie. If a country is exporting more than it is importing, it has a trade surplus. At the end of it all, one activist, naked from the waist down, stormed on stage.